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Colorado-based writer Libby Horton is a recovering PhD chemist. She is currently developing a memoir of linked personal essays that explore the intersection of science, mental health, inhabiting a body, and relationships. When not putting pen to paper, she is an avid skier, a practicing gardener, a lifter of very heavy weights, and the steadfast mother of two small humans.

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As part of the publication of Solution Phase, Libby was interviewed by Mud Season Editor Andrew Miller.

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Mud Season Review

December 20, 2022

Nominated for a Pushcart prize, 10th anniversary edition of Jelly Bucket

March 2020 in Prometheus Dreaming

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Libby is an alumni of Katey Schultz's Monthly Mentorship program. She is a huge fan of Katey's teachings.

Libby is a member of WRITEABILITY, a non-profit guild of authors devoted to supporting creative writers impacted by systemic injustice. Its mission is to uplift and defend the imagination by allocating resources, providing creative support, and modeling inclusivity for the next generation of authors.

Libby learned about the personal essay form at the Boulder Writing Studio. The rest is history!

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